Michael Foth~TSM
Michael Foth~TSM

My junior high kid started basketball a week or so ago.  Practice has been going well, and they are 1 and 1 for the season so far. I have to laugh at the what appears to be some confusion on the basketball team dress code.

So far I have received two different emails from the coaching staff regarding what's appropriate to wear when, as well as this somewhat confusing take home piece of paper.  On the left is minimum, on the right is max dress.  It says to wear a collared shirt, tucked in.  BUT, the pic on the right is clearly NOT tucked in. As for the kid dressed to the max on the right, my kid doesn't look this good at church on Easter Sunday.  Good luck getting him that dressed out for games.

There are also somewhat conflicting thoughts on when to wear warm up gear/sweats and how to dress for travel and practices.  Who knew 7th grade basketball fashion was so confusing.

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