I can barely stay patient for the weather to get warm enough to head to Emerald Lake and West Rosebud Lake to go camping! It has been getting pretty nice during the days but the nights are still just a little too cold for my camping comfort! Come on June, I'm ready!

Emerald Lake and West Rosebud have got to be one of the prettiest places I have ever been and camping at the Emerald Lake Campground was the easiest. All you have to do drive in, pick your spot (if there are any available... we got lucky) and then pay the $10 I think it was to stay each night. The spot we had last year was right on this little creek and had a fire pit so we just sat there in the evenings listening to water and drinking a beer by the fire.

If you have never gone I highly suggest you add it to your must-do list for the summer. Great fishing, too!

Go like you are heading to Columbus and then cut off on hwy 78. Get off onto W Rosebud Rd and just follow it all the way to the end!

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