A radio host introduced me to nationaltoday.com which lists some of the holidays in the nation and the world on any given calendar day.  Did an earlier article for Trump's birthday, and found this a pleasant introduction to the upcoming weekend.  So here are some reasons to get out and enjoy life.

Friday June 21st:

International Day of Yoga

Roll out your mat and find your center of gravity.  Connect with your inner peace.

National Selfie Day

While in doggie style in yoga, take a picture of yourself.  Are you sure you want to post that on social media?

National Wagyu Day

After addressing your fitness, elevate your nutrition and taste with Wagyu beef.  Like the beauty commercials said, "Because I'm worth it."

National Cookie Dough Day

Nutrition, schmutrition.  Again, "Because I'm worth it."

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Saturday, June 22nd:

National Kissing Day

Awwww.  Let that special person in your life know how important they are to you.

National Onion Ring Day

Please do this after the kissing, not before.

Nation Chocolate Eclair Day

I would suggest this after the onion rings, but then you would need a Rolaids.  Oh, I know, eat eclairs with that loved one and then kiss.

B Kinder Day

Spread kindness all around.  This should be an everyday holiday.

Sunday, June 23rd:

International Olympic Day

This reminded me of the upcoming Paris Summers Games.  It actually starts July 26th.  So why this holiday in June?

National Pink Day

Remember, real men can wear pink.  This holiday brought to you by Breast Cancer awareness; please feel free to wear the ribbon.  Coincidentally, it's also Pink Flamingo Day.  What, no Pink Panther Day??

National Hydration Day

Drink that Water!  And if you get tired of the taste, mix up some pink lemonade.

National Family Owned & Operated Businesses Day

The best way to support family businesses?  Buy!  If you know one, and they are open on Sunday, or even Monday, stop by and support them with your dollars.  Economy speaks louder than words.

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