I am 100% all about this event! Women bring a lot to the table and what we do, whether it be raising children or finding the cure for cancer, IS exceptional. I believe in women lifting up women instead of comparing ourselves and tearing each other down. We SHOULD share our stories because it could be the encouragement that another woman needs to keep on going. We can't sit back and let others change our communities - we have to engage in the conversation and bring what we offer, too! We all have unique talents, gift and passions and all those should be used for a greater purpose!

KBUL Newsroom - The Billings Gazette reports that Pulitzer Prize winning editor Kathy Best believes now is the perfect time for more women to trust their voices and become active. The current editor of The Missoulian has been a journalist for some of the largest newspapers in the country, including helping her team take two Pulitzer Prizes in her role as the managing editor and then the editor of the Seattle Times.

She has made a career out of telling other people’s stories and seeking out voices that need to be heard. Best believes that more women need to trust their stories and draw upon their experience to make a difference in their community, saying [quote] “Stop being quiet about what is exceptional.” Best will speak at The Exceptional Women Event on Friday, Sept. 29 at the Northern Hotel in Billings at 11:30am.

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