Writing this is incredibly bittersweet.

Today is my last day here at KISS FM and Townsquare Media Billings. You are either extremely sad or extremely excited about this and I understand lol. Not every radio personality is everyone's cup of tea. Hell, I have people I don't like listening to!! But with that said - whether you loved me or I drove you nuts - thank you.

Thank you for being a listener. Thank you for making KISS FM and me part of your day and your routine. We have a fun staff here at KISS and I hope that I've done a good job of pouring that joy through the radio and into your car, office or home! There are too many negative Nancy's in the world.... Being positive and fun is a lot less work, anyway!

I've had the pleasure of being part of this community for almost two years and I have made sure to take advantage of it. Billings is truly an amazing place to live, work and play and to say I'm going to miss it is an incredible understatement! Thank you a million times for making me and my family feel welcomed... even if we did come from Seattle ;)

So what's next for me? Portland, Oregon! I am from Oregon and grew up there so I'll be heading back home. I've been given an incredible and possibly once in a life time opportunity at a radio station that I grew up listening to in PDX. When you get the chance to have a great job in the same city as all of your family.... well, you don't pass it up.

In parting - I will need someone to mail me Pink Slip from Uber Brew, The Jerk Burger from Burger Dive (with garlic fries, duh) and anything from The Edgar Bar as often as possible. Portland has good eats but they don't touch my favs here in Billings.

Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you - I truly mean that.


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