Everyday at about 1:30p I talk about some good news going on here in Billings or somewhere around the world. It is probably my favorite part of the day and I look forward to giving some encouraging words. There are so many news outlets giving us so much info about the world that it is overwhelming! I completely agree that knowing whats going on around the world is important and it helps us understand the true state we are in as a world.

However, I think most people carry a burden around each day because we are so bombarded with hate, crime and terrorism and it is difficult to find hope in a world that looks so bleak. SO I like to spend sometime talking about good that has been done, good things that are being invented and good deeds that are restoring the hope that so many people have lost.

Up until today, I have been doing the Feel Good News each day on air but I thought I should start posting it online so more people can be reached AND with that being said I am going to start making Friday my local day. Every Friday I want my Feel Good News to be about someone, something or some place here in Billings that is showing well, GOODness!

Nominate by Facebook messaging us or emailing me at jennparker@billingsmix.com and I will do my best to get it on the show!!

It's 2017 and everyone deserves to #FeelGood

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