Matthew, Katrina, Harvey, Florence, Irene, Wilma, Leslie. All great names. Ingrid, Andrew, Ivan, Dennis. Also great names.  And all previous hurricane names. There is strict protocol from the World Meteorological Society (sounds made up, right?) regarding the naming of hurricanes. Did you know that once a name is used, it is not ever used again? True.

This week when I learned that Hurricane Michael was coming for Florida, I was mildly excited. Not because I love destruction, or like to see homes and lives destroyed.  Nope, I'm excited about Hurricane Michael for the very juvenile reason that it is my name. And probably about 10 million other Michael's out there. Side fact: according to stats, there have been over 4.2 million boys named Michael in the US since 1880.

If I lived anywhere near Florida, I would be grabbing tomorrows newspapers to save the headlines. "MICHAEL POUNDS THE COAST",  or "MICHAEL DEVASTATES THE REGION", you know... headlines like that.  I would keep the newspapers in my box of memories, and have adolescent chuckles about it from time to time. Cause I'm weird like that.

Even my mom had fun with the name, commenting on my facebook page. I commented that my path of destruction is wide, and she's like, "your kind and caring personality are nothing like a hurricane". Thanks mom. I was trying to be bad ass here.

Wondering if your name is coming up on the list of hurricanes? Here's what the Hurricane Naming Commission has lined up for the rest of this year:


Get ready, all you Nadine's out there. Your turn in the name spotlight is next.


Michael "I am Not A Hurricane"

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