This is so neat it is unreal! This will be the first lunar eclipse since 1866. That makes the first eclipse of the year quite a very rare occurrence for sure. On the 31st of this month we will get to see the first eclipse involving a Blue Moon in more than 150 years. That is mind blowing. The exact date it happened last was March 31, 1866. Nuts right. Another fun fact about it  is that it won't happen again for another 11 years. We will have to wait till December 31, 2028 so this is something you don't want to miss for sure!

It is really neat how the eclipse works. At the eclipse's "peak" the moon will be red! This is known as a Blood Moon. This coming eclipse is referred to as the "Super Blue- Blood Moon". How does it work you ask? Well earth will cast two shadows that fall on the moon during the eclipse. The umbra...also known as a full dark shadow, and the penumbra the partial outer shadow. The moon then passes through these shadows in different stages. This only happens when the sun, earth and moon are in line with each other with us being perfectly in the middle. Middle! Fun fact the eclipse can only occur if the night has a full moon. Pretty cool to think we get to see this in our lifetime! Well I hope we will get to see it because they say not everyone will. Here it is supposed to be visible at 4:48am and will piddle down from there. So fingers crossed we get to see it!


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