It has already been almost a year since Kmart announced the closing of it's massive store on 24th Street. Since then the building and its parking lot have been completely vacant and waiting for a new tenant! I have a few suggestions.. and it is sort of a follow up to my post last week 'A Few Things I Wish Were In Billings.'

But seriously, something has to go in there and here are a few ideas:

1. Ikea - I might be slightly obsessed with this place. And I do realize that the old Kmart building might be slightly small for a huge Ikea but maybe they could have like a boutique version of the massive stores orrrr build a second story onto it and call it good!

2. Trader Joe's - Am I a broken record? Yes. I do think that the Kmart building is bigger than most Trader Joe's so maybe it could share the space with someone else!

3. Factory Stores - How cool would it be to have an indoor factory store mall type thing instead of an outdoor one! Nike, J. Crew, Gap and all others!

4. Micro Apartments - Have you heard of these? Developers take buildings like this and make them into an apartment building that have interior doors but sort of look like they should be outside. Doorways with awnings, little porches, etc. But these are only like 400 sq ft or smaller and have just one bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchenette. These would be great for college kids, singles getting their first jobs, single moms, seniors or minimalists.

5. Sports Park - Indoor soccer, basketball courts, hand ball courts and maybe even a go cart track? Some place where families can go and do activities together indoors and don't have to have a membership to participate or have access.

6. Fred Meyer - It's a grocery store, garden center, toy store, home decor store and clothes store all rolled into one! It really is a one stop shop. The space is definitely big enough!

7. Marshall's/ Home Goods - I know, I know. We have Ross, TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby but a Marshall's and Home Goods mix store would do really well in this town, I think! People love a good deal and cute stuff. And for whatever reason, I can go to all the stores listed above and still not find what I'm looking for! Another option would be handy.

Have you thought about what could go there? Have any ideas other than mine? Comment below!

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