I love this town but I think these things could make it even better!

Sometimes when I can't find what I'm looking for here in Billings then I usually get on the internet and look for it. However, there are a few places that I have favorite things and I know I could go there and find exactly what I'm looking for except... they aren't in Billings. But I know if we had these then everyone would LOVE them!

1. IKEA - I mean... everything you could ever need is there! And although they have a website, most of their things aren't available through it!

2. Trader Joe's - More grocery store options aren't a bad thing! Trader Joe's has a great selection and the prices are pretty incredible. Plus, they are smaller in size so it's easier to find stuff and get around!

3. Orange Theory Fitness - This one is a little misleading because I just learned that Billings is getting one this summer!!! It has been deemed the best one hour workout in the country. You burn between 500 and 1000 calories a workout and the results from going multiple times a week are unmatched! I've been wanting this and LOOK! There it is!

4. A Hawaiian restaurant - I don't have a particular one in mind but I just LOVE Hawaiian food! There was a little place where I went to college and I'm pretty sure I survived on that alone... That could explain my 'freshman 15' but who knows. I'm just a fan of the mixed plates (rice, meat and mac salad).

5. A 'Speak Easy' - Or an under ground bar or whatever you want to call it. These are usually in a secret spot in town. The address is not advertised anywhere and it is traditionally by word-of-mouth. Plus, you usually have to have a pass code once you do find it to get in. I think it would bring a really cool scene to downtown Billings!

Am I missing anything? Do you think there is something that Billings just has to have?

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