While the state's largest municipality, Billings should still have an accessible network for walkers, bicyclists and other human-powered transportation.  That's the idea from the city and county Metropolitan Planning Organization.

After research into traffic movements and infrastructure, with the input from community leaders and receptive neighbors, the MPO has developed a Master Plan (mwahaha, okay kidding) of projects to improve the safety and enjoyment of trails and paths in the Magic City.

Today, June 10th, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 this evening, you can see this strategy in a "Pop-up" demonstration, and you can provide your feedback.  This display will be at Veteran's Park, 2609 13th Street West.  This is a great opportunity to learn the series of works that can be implemented over the next years.

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Safety and Connection

These are the two focuses for the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.  Cycling near motor traffic feels unsettling and is dangerous.  "High-comfort" facilities will be built to reduce the speed and proximity of vehicles to bikes and walkers, with barriers installed on busier lanes for added protection.

The connection provides just that, the means to get about the Billings area with minimal risk.

Dang it, can't be there today!

No sweat, you're not outta luck.  In case you miss the June 10th public forum, the protected pop-up bike lane will remain for about a week.  You can also log into billingsbikepedplan.com and interact with a webmap of the Master Plan, plotting out walking, biking and rolling excursions in your area.  You can read comments from other residents and leave your own suggestions.

So if you feel we need a safe and enjoyable way to burn some calories, that kids and families can connect without wi-fi and devices, the Pedestrian and Bicycle network may be the community adventure throughout this B-Town.

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