I feel like the countdown is on... The countdown until the weather is too cold to do anything outside. So, to make sure I get AS MUCH sun as possible in the next month I have began cramming all the outdoor things you can do into the weekends. This last weekend was floating the Madison River and going fly fishing.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

I love floating more that your average person. And it doesn't get more gorgeous than the Madison. People literally come from all over the world to come to the Madison! We use Madison River Tubing out of Bozeman. It's $20 a person and they give you the tubes and are your chauffeur to the drop off and pick up area. It honestly is the best.

We did that on Saturday and then drove out to the middle of now where (somewhere past Absarokee) to go fishing. We tried a few of the access points but got skunked. That's okay though because who else in the world gets to hang out here as much as they want?!

Jenn/ TSM
Jenn/ TSM

A great Montana weekend and another one in the books before the cold weather shows up!

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