My 6 year old Macy is the sweetest little girl. She's smart and funny and beautiful with a big imagination. She also likes to draw. A couple of nights ago I was making tacos for dinner and was teasing her about what she wanted on her tacos. "Ketchup, pickles, applesauce and jelly?", I asked her.  "How about eggs, celery and chicken nuggets?".  "Yuck, no way", she says, "let me draw you a picture and write down my order".

I kept cooking and getting dinner prepped when she handed me the piece of paper in the photo above.  It took me a minute to decipher 1st grade spelling (with words she probably doesn't know at all). Can you figure it out?  On her taco she wanted: olives, meat, "sour whip" (that's what she calls sour cream) and cheese. You got it kiddo.  Not sure what the purple stuff is on her taco drawing. Eggplant?

Next time,


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