Billings is growing so fast it is unreal! It has been so wonderful to watch the Magic City expand so much from when I was a kid. The west end was just fields when I was knee high to a grass hopper's eye, and now it is booming like crazy! From Shiloh Crossing to Rimrock Mall it has changed so much. So many great additions including movie theaters, shopping, restaurants, car dealerships, and more!

Blaze Pizza is one of the latest additions to town. I have heard so many great things about them from tons of people, so this is exciting to have them join the Billings family. This Friday they will be celebrating their Grand Opening with FREE pizza! Yep free pizza! Rimrock Mall has done such a wonderful job of bring in new business to your community. I am very excited to check out Blaze Pizza!

Rimrock Mall is excited to welcome Blaze Pizza to Montana! Blaze Pizza wants to celebrate their grand opening by giving you FREE pizza all day long! Like Blaze Pizza on Facebook and Instagram and download their app.

*Limit of one free pizza per customer.

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