Free classes from Project Stand aim to empower parents.

Worried about what your kids might be doing online? Me too. I have two young children who are both online more than I'd like to admit. One has her face planted on her iPad playing games and watching Kid's YouTube whenever possible. Her device is locked down fairly well with parental controls and she has time limits.

It's my pre-teen that concerns me more. Kids are far more tech-savvy than you might think, and I don't doubt for a second that she knows how to access whatever app or page she'd like. Of course, it's not just young girls or little kids that are pursued by online sexual predators. Online bullying, porn, unhealthy social media use, and other online additions can affect anyone at any age.

Image via RiverStone Health/Facebook
Image via RiverStone Health/Facebook

Project Stand Parent Empowerment Speaker Series starts February 6, 2024.

Now it's third year, this webinar covers a variety of pressing topics that many parents worry about, along with solutions for helping keep your family's online experiences healthy. The free online classes are at noon each Tuesday in February and are one hour long. Keynote speakers include:

  • 2/6 - Andrea Davis, Founder & CEO, Better Screen Time 

  • 2/13 - Deanna Lambson, Founder, Power Up for Families & White Ribbon Week

  • 2/21 - Dawn Hawkins, CEO, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

  • 2/27 - Clay Olsen, Founder & CEO, Impact Suite, Co-Founder & President, Fight the New Drug

You can take as few or as many of the classes as you'd like. Captivating experts in their fields will share topics like Creating a Healthy Tech Family, Empowering Safe Tech Use Through Strengthening Families, and much more. Find all the details and register for the free webinar HERE.

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