High school football is my favorite school sport, hands down.  Basketball, the gym is always hot and the bleachers are way too cramped for anyone over 5' tall. Soccer, the weather is usually windy, rainy, snowy or a combination of all three.  Sure the weather can certainly be crappy at football games, but for the most part the games are pleasant. Sun goes down, lights come up and away we go. Bring a blanket and grab a hot coffee (and maybe some nachos - mmmmm fake cheese) from the concession stand and I'm good to go.

I love the rivalry games. In my case, Central vs. Laurel.  The energy and fan support in the stands is always exciting, and honestly going to the games is like a tiny town reunion in Laurel. Everybody knows just about everybody and you get to catch up with each others families and share juicy, small-town gossip.

My kid is playing 8th grade ball this year. So far practice has been going well, considering he is completely out of shape from a busy summer on non-stop Fortnite. First big scrimmage is coming up this weekend at the Hardin Jamboree. See ya there!




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