Just the words alone Friday the 13th put people into panic mode. Do you know the reason for that? Is called Triskaidekaphobia... the fear of the number 13. I personally don't get too worked up or superstitious about today or any Friday the 13th for that matter. A lot of people do and according to a survey by Warner Bros reveals that only 21% of people are superstitious on the Friday the 13th , but 34% of us will still be a little more cautious with everything we do. The survey found the top ten fears for us folks today and just in general. If you have a superstition did it make the list?

Top 10 Fears, Superstitions, and signs of bad luck

1. Breaking a mirror

2. Walking under a ladder

3. Friday the 13th in general... like the whole day

4. Opening an umbrella indoors

5. A black cat crossing your path

6. The sight of a single magpie

7. Spilling salt (if you do that you are suppose to toss some over your shoulder is what I have heard)

8. Placing shoes on the table or on the bed. Weird.

9. Treading on cracks on the pavement

10. Walking over three drains


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