It's not everyday that you discover a new favorite candy.  Fact is, I'm usually more of a salty snack kind of guy and I don't normally eat a ton of sweets.  When I do, I often go with chewy varieties of candy, like Mike-n-Ikes, Hot Tamales or Skittles.

My step kid came home from work the other night and left an opened (and almost gone) bag of these laying on the kitchen counter. At first glance I thought they were some kind of cough drops or vitamins or something, as I hadn't noticed them on the candy rack before. Candy left laying around my house is fair game, so I popped one in my mouth.

Michael Foth~TSM
Michael Foth~TSM

OMG. They are so delicious. The packaging brags of them being "immensely fruity" and "intensely chewy", and that is absolutely true. They're kind of like a juicier, fruitier Starburst.

I found out these have been around since 1975 in Japan (where they come from), but haven't been in the US till the past decade or so.  Anyway, if you like chewy fruity candies, you'll have to try a bag sometime. They come in a variety of fun flavors.

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