Montanans were pleased to see some desperately needed moisture and cooler temps over the weekend. I enjoyed seeing all the snow that piled up in the yards of our friends in the Bozeman area.

As for the week ahead- get ready for the wind facing much of Montana this week. Plus, there's warnings of an icy commute in the Bozeman area Monday morning. Over the weekend, a semi crash snarled traffic on the Bozeman pass, according to KBZK-TV.

The National Weather Service Office in Great Falls has this when it comes to the wind:

Be prepared for a prolonged period of gusty winds, especially along the Rocky Mountain Front and MT Hwy 200 corridor across Central Montana....Gusty southwest to west winds are expected across the Northern Rockies for much of the upcoming work week. There is a moderate to high chance that wind gusts exceed 35 mph on Monday and Tuesday across all of Southwest though North Central Montana.

Even Northeast Montana got to see some snow over the weekend:

Rain has now transitioned to snow here at the office. These big flakes are plastering on north-facing surfaces. Some accumulation occurring on grassy/elevated surfaces, while still melting on contact on paved roads. This will continue into early Mon AM.

Check out more weather highlights below. Plus, if you have any great snow pictures in particular across Montana- send them my way via Twitter @aaronflint and feel free to use the #MTwx hashtag.







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