Do you love to help others? If so donating blood is one the best ways possible ways. Did you know that with each donation you could save three people? I have donating for years I go as much as I possibly can. Think about if you need a it or some one you know and love needed it and it just wasn't available. That would be devastating beyond words. Find the hero in you and donate! Coming up in September they have a great deal going on if you love tattoos! First you donate and then they will give you a temporary tat. You put on the tat and post it to their Facebook for a chance to win! Here are the details!

Presenting donors in September are entered to win a $100 tattoo gift card!
Show off your blood donor themed tattoos with us to be featured on our social media pages! Just share your pictures with us on Facebook to participate!
DID YOU KNOW: You can have tattoos and still donate blood! For donors who receive their tattoo at a licensed shop in Montana, Washington, North Dakota, or South Dakota, you can donate as soon as your tattoo is healed!
Didn’t get your last tattoo there? If you’ve received it in the last year, give us a call and we’ll help you figure out your eligibility!
Schedule your next donation today:

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