This morning I got a cool notification from Google showing everywhere I went in 2018.  It broke it down with a map, longest trips, total mileage, etc. It even showed the most popular places I visited and the number of times I went there. Damn you Walmart and my 97 trips last year! Actually, I think Google might have missed a couple visits... twice a week sounds about right. According to the tracking features on my phone, I traveled almost 19,000 miles. I can't seem to find the report again (should have screen captured it!), but that was a lot.

Privacy advocates are alarmed by how much data your devices collect on you.  Where you go, how long you're there, etc. And of course, there are ways to disable these features on your phone. I honestly don't care if Google knows where I go. It's not like I'm a drug runner or a fugitive. But it is kind of creepy how "they" know where you are and can probably use AI to predict where you're gonna be.

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