Written by Guest Contributor, Kat Hammond

This past weekend was full of cinematic history. And although there is a lot to discuss this week, right now I want to talk about Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones.

Yes...there are spoilers ahead so if you have not watched the third episode of season 8 or any of GOT episodes for that matter, STOP READING!

Here's my tribute to those who died in this Sunday’s episode:


What a loyal friend. He was a true man of the Night's Watch and duty was never something that he questioned. He also never ceased to remind us that he dealt with dramatic moments with cynicism, whether he was stuck at Craster’s talking about his mother’s farts, or poking good fun at one of his best pals.


Beric was a gallant character and fought his way through some very big battles in this series. As Melisandre said Sunday night after his death, “The lord brought him back for a purpose. Now that purpose has been served.” I would hope so after being brought back from the dead six times!


Jorah. Sweet sweet Jorah. He has protected Dany more than anyone else and had a deep genuine love for her. He even fought off death to come back and be with her at her side to defend her up until the very end. The reaction from Dany when he was killed was completely heart wrenching. The last look on his face was of fear - fear to leave his queen undefended.


He made some poor decisions in his past, but he has spent a majority of the series trying to overcome the mistakes he made. According to Bran, the person he wronged most, he was “a good man” and made up for all that he had done. “What is dead may never die.”


A little bad a** with more spirit and fire than any of the men who surrounded her. She got her moment of glory when she took out the dead giant and as a fan of hers, I could not have thought of a better way for her to go out. You will be remembered Lady Mormont!


She has been a priestess of controversy throughout the series, but when it came to fighting the dead, her entire demeanor changed. The trick with lighting the Dothraki swords on fire set the tone at the beginning of Sunday night’s battle (and set it well). She left the series in elegance as she took off her charmed necklace and walked out into the snow revealing again that she was a woman who was old and ready to face her death as her body disappeared into the morning air.

The Night King

He may have been one of the first men, and the children turned him into the Night King in hopes that he would destroy mankind for invading the forests and destroying them, but the Night King had a mind of his own. He created a massive army and destroyed everything to create an endless night. I am just shocked that fire could not kill him. Was he maybe a Targaryen?!

The biggest complaint I saw Sunday night about the episode was that it was too dark. In retort to those complaints--this was a fight with the ARMY OF THE DEAD! They don’t need light and they want an endless night. Fighting in the dark (and with all the icy weather) is an advantage for them. The producers of GOT and actors shot scenes during 55 different nights for this episode. It was incredible...it was one of the best battle scenes I have ever seen and part of that is because it was chaotic and messy and DARK!

All that’s left now is the living and their battle between each other. We have three episodes left to see what unfolds between the battle of everyone who is left against Cersei.


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