Some of you may have heard about this amazing kid and what he has been through. Gavin is a talented athlete and an all around great little dude. Gavin was involved in a terrible ATV accident. He will have a long road ahead of him, but this kid is a fighter and is making leaps and bounds on his road to recovery. I know Gavin's family very well. In fact his uncle is someone I consider to not only be a friend but family as well. Gavin's family has been doing multiple fundraisers to help with medical bills and his other needs.

One way you can help out this awesome kid is to purchase the #GSTRONG bumper stickers. They are only $5.00 and every cent helps. I have seem so many of them around town and that makes my heart so happy! Not only around town but if you happened to catch the Minnesota Twins game a few weeks back they had #GSTRONG big as day on their big screen! How cool is that?! If you would like to go #GSTRONG as well here is a link to the Facebook page for more information



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