February 22 is National Margarita Day. A day to celebrate tequila and in the middle of the week.... Let the festivities begin! I'll take any excuse to celebrate a real or fake holiday. I don't judge.

If you are a master mixologist then you might be celebrating at home! But if you are like me and can't make a drink to save your life then you'll be heading out into Billings for the best marg you can find. I've had a few margarita's in this town and here is my list of places to go to tonight:

1. Guadalajara Original Family Restaurant - I don't like a super sweet margarita and these guys have the best in my opinion!

2. Don Luis - While this place doesn't use tequila for their marg's they actually use wine and I think it is divine!

3. Rio Sabinas - Home of the ginormous $5.50 margarita. You may want a DD if you plan on drinking here!

4. Tiny's Tavern - This may seem out of the trend of Mexican restaurants but I promise these guys make a GREAT drink!

5. Rib & Chop - Another unsuspecting establishment for a margarita but don't be fooled by the name. They make a great marg!

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