What a thought, right? Take all of the women out of their jobs for today. This includes volunteers, interns, part-timers, full-timers, stay-at-home moms and any other shift or hat a woman wears. Just for today. It think it would be shocking to see who is left (okay, not too shocking considering it would just be men left). But I mean shocking in a way that shows just how empty a place of employment might be, how empty our schools would be and how PACKED daycare centers would be since mom's would be dropping off their kids to take the day off from parenting.

I know here at the station it would be prettttty vacant if all the women in my office up and left today then there would only be three dudes left.

While a lot of women are probably going to look at this day as a day that shows just how lacking society would be without us and that guys NEED us women, I'm looking at it a little differently. If all the guys left for a day it would equally show just how much we need them, too. So, instead of looking at today selfishly, maybe look at how the world equally needs BOTH genders in the work place. How society needs both to function and be successful.

Also, Rosa Parks took action and sat in that bus seat to help us women to have rights and be seen as equal. I'm not too sure how she would feel about all us women leaving our work places and job to prove we are equal when it took so much effort to get us in there in the first place. Just another thought!


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