This might be the next big trend when it comes to weddings. Have you ever heard of self-marriage? Yep it is a real thing. When I first heard about it the first thing that came to mind was Dennis Rodman. Remember when he married himself way back in 1996? Well it turns out he may have then started the trend of self-marriage. Basically the definition of self-marriage is a commitment that values self-love and self compassion.

Self-marriage also known as sologamy is pretty common these days. As I did some research on the topic it was unreal the things google would bring up. One of the top questions asked was "how to propose to yourself." I guess you can't be disappointed in the proposal if you are planning it for yourself! There are a few legal details when it comes to self-marriage such as the fact it isn't recognized in eyes of the law so therefore no tax breaks or legal paper work involved.

The ceremony of self-marriage is pretty much the same as any wedding. There is a cake and reception, but the one thing that may be a little different than a wedding of a couple is that the single person of self marriage has a private moment with themselves in  mirror with a candle to express self-love. The message is pretty positive if you think about it! Self-love. In pop culture it really isn't a new thing. On the show Glee Sue married herself and also on Sex and The City Carrie married herself. I say if you are happy then that is all that matters! Marry who or what you want right?!

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