I have never played the Powerball before but I figure with it being a payout of $700 million it is worth a shot! I have talked to people who pick their own numbers and those who just let the machine do it. I have no idea what method to pick so I may just do both! This morning we were talking about what we would do if we won. Would you quit work or move away or travel the world? I have no idea what I would do! Maybe I would get a fainting goat farm because those little things are so stinking cute.With that amount of money you really could do anything in the world! This Powerball is the second largest in US history so that is pretty neat!

A new survey by Holos Research came up with some very interesting stats about what people would do if they won. They said 90% of people would dump their spouse for a $100 million lottery win. That is so sad! See you sweetheart but I am super rich and now leaving you. Other things people would do are buy new cars, donate to charity, go on a trip, and 33% of people said they would donate to charity. Donating to charity would be the right thing to do for sure. I found this one pretty funny... 2% of people would roll around naked in $100 bills if they won! I mean why would you not! I would fill a bathtub full and swim around in it! Better go get my tickets asap. Can't win if you don't play!

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