Maybe you've seen the shows on TV or have heard a little bit about "prepping". I recently got randomly sucked down the internet hole of "prepping" when I stumbled on this website: If you check it out, be warned that some of it creeps into tinfoil hat conspiracy. A lot of the info though is pretty smart advice. Basically, the thought is when the PHTF (Poop Hits The Fan - they use a different acronym, but this is a family website so we'll say poop) be it natural disaster or some sort of domestic mayhem you and your family are prepared to handle days/weeks/months when the electrical grid goes down or food supplies become impossible to get.

I think we would all love to have a cabin in the woods, fully stocked with a years supply of food and necessary survival items, complete with bunker, generator, radio gear, ammunitions, etc.  However, that is just not financially feasible for most of us. I think most Montana's are already better prepared than the vast majority of the rest of the country.  We have water, farm land, game, fish, etc, and many of us are already prepared with camping gear. Lots of us come from rural or farming backgrounds and probably have some basic survival skills.

After I spent WAY to much time on the prepper site, I do feel like the least I can do is build up a small supply of food.  Maybe some sort of small scale emergency solar power generator. The world is getting crazier by the day and basic preparedness just seems smart. I know nothing about the food items in the picture above, but the Amazon link is HERE.

Do you have any sort of long-term food storage or other things you do or have done to prepare for emergency situations at your home? I would love to hear about it!

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