Last night I tried really hard to stay awake for the three hour finale of The Bachelor. Three hours... are you kidding me? Only for him to let down two girls but everyone who watches the show. The only reason I felt like I needed to rant about this now is because I can not shake what he did.

If you missed it or have not seen any coverage of it he proposed to Becca only to change his mind and decide he loved Lauren more. Real or ratings is was what ran through my head. Those poor girls. One to be shot down we all know that hurts bad, but to make one girl think this is her fairytale to then turn it... wait I was just kidding. Also for the other girl to just feel like she has been dumped is so mean. I have watched the show for years and this might be the first time I can't stop thinking about the outcome. I can NOT wait for the "After The Rose Special". I bet he get his butt chewed more than once. Come ON TONIGHT I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! I bet I am not alone in thinking what a (insert bad word here) he is for doing that.

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