Michael Foth~TSM
Michael Foth~TSM

Let me start by saying I love dogs. We have 3 at our house and my wifey would get more if I didn't draw the line somewhere. Let me also state that I have absolutely zero issues with true service animals that actually provide a service for their owner that makes their life easier. That's what service animals are for. I get it.

I do, however, have an issue with everyone and their brother who believes their pet is a "therapy" animal or some other B.S. and insists on bringing their precious pup everywhere they go. For example, my favorite grocery store, where I took this picture last night when I stopped to grab a couple quick items.  Sure as sh... er, poop, there's a dog turd in the produce department.

Look, I understand.  You love your dog. I love mine too. For 99% of you, your dog does not need to come with you into the grocery store. If you suffer from so much anxiety or whatever issue you have that you must bring your dog into the store with you, for the love of God, can you at least please be a responsible pet owner and pick up the poop??  SMH.

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