I have been debating for the last 10 years about getting a tattoo and I'm glad I didn't get one in my younger years because who knows what I would have picked out then! I am so indecisive that it's no wonder I haven't done it yet. And honestly if I never get one I won't be sad but I have been really thinking lately about what I would chose and why if I do chose to jump!

I know I don't want anything large that takes up big areas and that is super visible. Not that I don't like those or think they're not cool on other people, but it's just not my personally to do that. Something mostly concealed and minimal is more my speed. I don't even think I want it to be in color. I would be cool with black or light tan.

My first idea was head to Pinterest because obviously that's like the best place to find a million ideas all in one place! Well, truth be told, that made it worse because I decided I want at least 12 tattoos most of which are small character drawings of cacti, pineapples and birds. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all of those things but those might be better suited for wallpaper or beach bags.  I then started to wonder about the things that are important to me and how I could somehow come up with a symbol that encompasses it all so that when someone sees it they ask 'oh, does your tat have meaning?' And then I could be like 'yah, actually.. blah blah blah.' But, I couldn't come up with just one thing. Not even a word!

So, I think I'll just ask you all... How did you pick?

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