Today is National Tattoo Day! So for those of us who have the ink we must celebrate our permanent works of art. I got my first tattoo when I was 21... in Vegas. Smart choice I know. At Vince Neil Ink... also a smart choice. Eleven years later I have added 12 more to my body. Maybe it is true what they say about once you get inked you can't stop! I know my mom is not a super fan of some of mine. The sloth on my hip, the Alice and Wonderland quote on my ribs, the two I got at concerts, etc. Yet I love them all even if they kind of suck. Each one is a memory in my mind and have an awesome story behind the ink.

A few of the tattoos I have I have shared with some of my best friends. One friend in particular we have three matching tats. Sloth included haha Another I have a matching one with my cousin, one was a fundraiser for a fallen cop, and another was for Special Olympics, and one is my grandmas handwriting. That is the one in the picture. They all have a great memory behind them for sure. Post a picture your favorite ink or even the ink you wish you could take back! Happy Tat day!

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