How do you feel about a four day school week for your kids? I know the answer the kids would have for sure is heck ya! For ever and ever school weeks have been Monday - Friday. Until now. A Colorado school district announced on Monday the four-day week.

The Brighton-based School District believes that by going to four days a week will entice teachers to basically stick around longer. They believe this will help the "primary purpose". They said they believe it will attract teachers and this will help keep them around. They went on to say that by having the four-day week it will help the teachers in the classroom with things like planning and organizing. I imagine that extra day a week would really help out the teachers for sure. I mean who couldn't use an extra day a week to get your ducks in a row. The district said that they know it will be a change for the students as well as the parents. One of the reasons they decided to do this is because of the lack of financial resources. That right there is just sad. There are so many more details to their reasons why but that is the major one. While the school may save money, a handful of parents will now have to spend more on childcare. The school did say they will offer childcare services for $30 a day. What at first sounded so awesome... a four-day school week may actually suck for these families. I guess my point is that it is sad that schools don't get the funds they need. Big thank you to all of our teachers who deal with this day in and day out.

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