When it comes to being single the struggle is sometimes super real. Let me paint the picture for you... I recently had an experience that the only thing I could think of was are YOU KIDDING ME?! Too much too fast. There is a fine line in between being sweet and being too much. There is a total difference in being cute and being creepy. He flew by creepy and kept going. As they say he did not turn down for what. I told him not once not twice but three times we are just F.R.I.E.N.D.S. As in the song that's what I call friends he on the other hand did not pick up what I was laying down.

He came on strong like a bad cologne. Don't get me wrong he is very nice just not for me. I know people say that all the time as in "it's not you it's me", but this was totally him. 100%. Lets just say not someone you would bring to Thanksgiving with your family.... enough said right? This situation is what got me thinking about how much is too much? Example one is I told him I am sort of seeing someone and yet that didn't make it stop. I also said I was moving... also didn't work. That was a white lie I thought would work. Didn't.I ran out of ways to say ok ok stop you are little much pal.

So I wanted to make sure I was not over reacting with this situation, so I asked my coworkers how much is too much?! The post-it notes are their answers to "What is too much too fast". What is a deal breaker for you when it comes to a new relationship? P.s mine is the one that he said my first name would look great with his last name. No thank you sir. I don't even know your favorite color kindly move along sir. Are there certain things you just shouldn't talk about or do when first getting to know someone? This poor dude made a classic mistake of being inappropriate from the gate. All the nopes in the world.

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