So you may have heard I gave in and let Kris and Jeff pick what I would be wearing to Albertsons so I didn't look like me and am easy to find as I give away free groceries. Turns out I ended up going with just Kris (Jeff had to speak at a school about radio) to a local thrift store. Let me tell you he had some questionable taste when it came to women's clothing! I am sure he was just picking things to make me giggle and he did a great job at that.

The whole point of our shopping trip was to not make me look like me, so I would be a little harder to find for you to get your free groceries and or gift cards. He did a pretty good job on his selection I must say. I will be at Albertsons at 1212 Grand Saturday from 2-4 pm and you just wait until you see what I have on... we even took it to an office vote. It was a close call on what I would have to wear, but one was clearly better than then other! I will give you this hint.... I will be in a color that is a color in our KISS logo. Best of luck hope to see you tomorrow as Albertsons celebrates their grand re-opening! Side note don't let men pick what you wear.

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