It is not often that I get super personal with my life. I do talk a lot and always say what is on my mind, but this is something I have kept to myself. For too long is seems. For the past few months I have had a weird pain in my chest/belly. I thought it would go away. Turns out it didn't. So I recently have spent some time in and out of the hospital. Ugh right. No fun what so ever.

Open letter to my Gallbladder.

Dear gallbladder you will not be missed. You have been such a pan in my side it is unreal. So with that being said we have to part ways. I would like to say it is me not you, but it is you. 100% you. I wish you the best of luck in your new adventures of not being with me. I hope you find a new home. RIP little dude.

Love, Kaitlyn

It has taken a few weeks to figure out what it was. Turns out it is my gallbladder. To be honest I had no idea what that little thing actually did. The good news is that you don't really need it. So I guess that is a plus. So after weeks of tests and multiple doctors and visits we figured it out. Hello surgery. I know I am not alone on the fear of surgery. I am such a baby when it even comes to something so simple as a paper cut, so I am sort of freaking out.  I waited too long with this so it will happen asap. I am new to this whole surgery thing so I could use some advice on how to deal with it. What are some to go comfort food and movies? I know that you can only have certain things, but their list is pretty small, so any ideas would help! Have you had yours out? Did it hurt? How long were you down for the count?


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