When I was a little kid I always wanted to be a teacher. I actually went to school for it. I think teachers are some of most important and strongest people in the world, and that is why I wanted to be one. Then I got into radio and I knew it was my calling, yet without my teachers over the years what I do today would not be possible.

They teach us to write, to read, to have the skills you need to do anything. If you are doctor, cop, or even a dj without teachers you could do what you do. Coming up on May 7th is Teacher Appreciation Day! We should all show our teachers some love and do something sweet for them. Candy Town USA has some sweet deal that any teacher would love. Caramel candy apples, gourmet chocolate, or something from their boutique. Show our teachers we love and appreciate them! You can find Candy Town USA at The Shiloh Crossing. Thank you to all of the teachers that have touched my life. Mrs. Korb, Mr. Harrington, Mr. Gum, Mr. VanZee, Mrs. Solaman, and many many more.  I wouldn't be who I am today without your guidance. P.s sorry I talked so much in class!

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