Labor Day is a few days away and here in Montana that is a big weekend to get out of town and go camp, but with the state burning in multiple areas there will be restrictions when it comes to campfires and smoking. The Beartooth Ranger District gave details about how they are handling it Custer Gallatin National Forest. They have limited campfires so that they are only allowed in developed recreation sites that have permanent metal fire rings, fire pits, or the metal grates.

If you plan on bringing a little camping stove, lanterns (that use gas, jellied petroleum, liquid fuel that is pressurized)or a fully enclosed sheepherder - type stove with a screen those are allowed outside of the recreation sites. Make sure that your equipment fits the standards before you try to take it out of the approved sites. No one wants to get a massive fine or even worse start a fire. If you are not sure if your stuff is ok ask a Ranger. When it comes to smoking it is prohibited except for in a enclosed building or vehicle. If you smoke at a recreation site you must be three feet in diameter clear of any flammable stuff. This is just one example of campfires being limited around the state. Different rules may apply to different places. If you want to check out some more details Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks web site has all the info you need. . Be careful with fire and flames as you head out into nature! Happy almost Labor Day weekend! Stay safe!

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