Hey, Jenn here-

So, if you were driving East on Grand Ave at about 1:15p today and were near the construction... I'm sorry. I was in the station vehicle leaving the live remote at United Blood Services and heading back downtown to the station. If you travel Grand daily then you know that there is some road construction going on and one lane is closed.

I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.

Well, I don't travel Grand Ave daily and I couldn't yet see the sign with the arrows saying "Lane Closing" and I couldn't understand why no one was traveling down the right lane so, of course, I get over.


Guess who looked like a moron... me. After about two seconds I realized I have to get back over and directly in front of the car that just watched me get over. There is honestly not a more embarrassing moment than that!

So, again. I wasn't trying to be an a$$hole driver but it definitely looked like it and I'm SUPER sorry! Please forgive me!

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