Want to know what the most annoying this in the world is? Having to change your password. Not just once, not twice, not three times.... FOUR TIMES. In the last two weeks I have had to change the password on my Facebook four freaking times. And I just figured out this morning how to re-sync my Facebook and Instagram. Now I am going to have to re-do that, too.

It all started two weeks ago when someone hacked my account and sent out these YouTube videos to almost all my friends. No joke. I "sent" out over 800 messages.... that in it self was the worst because everyone was messaging me back with "is this fake" "I accidentally clicked" and all kinds of other things. No one has time for that!

So, I changed my password. Well, looks like that isn't working because just 10 minutes ago I got locked out of my account for the fourth time because of suspicious activity. *Insert angry emoji face*

I honestly have not clicked on anything sketchy. I don't give out my info or password or follow links to weird sights. All I know is I'm running out of passwords that I can remember and it makes me want to ditch Facebook all together!! Have you ever had these issues? Or I am the only one struggle busing over here?

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