It is interesting to think about all the people in the world and who you could be related to. Recently my mother has been obsessed with genealogy and she found some pretty weird people we are related to! Keep in mind this is tracing the family tree back to the 1600's so I not super closely related to these people but it is still fun to think I am! Mostly because A LOT of celebrities showed up our tree!

Here is a few of her funny family findings!

I guess Elvis is my ninth cousin our common ancestor is Richard Buffington. He lived from 1655-1748. So like I said it goes way way back in blood line. Carrie Fisher is also my ninth cousin and Luke Bryan! Christina Aguilera is my eighth cousin one time as well as Brad Pitt! There goes my dream of becoming Mrs. Brad Pitt. This just cracks me up because I don't believe it! It seems too funny to be real.

So now if anyone ever asks about my family this is the stuff I will say. I am sure I will sound way crazy but hey the internet said it so it must be true! I think everyone should stalk down their family line because you never know who could be sitting in your family tree!

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