Not going to lie I defiantly have a thing for a guy with a good beard. As long it is well takin care of not just a mess of hair on their face haha. I have seen in the past that during this time of the year glitter beards become a thing. I actually had a buddy who did it and it took him days to get all the green glitter out of it! It was very festive but seemed to be a pain in the butt. Glitter is great and all but have you heard of the latest trend when it comes to men's holiday beards?

Not only are they still caking on the glitter but now I guess a flare is needed. Picture a Christmas tree... ornaments, garland, littles the works. Now combined that with the glitter beard. Yes this is a thing! It is like arts and crafts and a Christmas tree had a baby and then moved onto a mans face. Weird I know! Some of them that I saw were way too over the top. Others I can see working if you are at a party of some sort but not just for everyday wear during the holidays. It is a little TOO much. We will see if it catches on or not haha

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