With Easter almost here it is no surprise to see everything and anything have the Easter Bunny touch. Yesterday I was leaving Shopko when out of the corner of my eye this little guy caught my attention! I had to take a double look at it because it puzzled me what it was at first. Yep that is a sloth bunny I guess I should say a sloth wearing bunny ears.

I really love sloths because one they are stinking cute and two they have got life made! They move slow and nap all day. Not a bad life if you ask me or anyone else who loves naps! Fun fact did you know that sloths appear green because they move so slow that moss grows on them. They also are really clumsy on land but wonderful swimmers. Sounds kind of like me!

I couldn't help myself I had to take a picture of it because it is so cute. I really stink at playing the claw machines otherwise I would have so tried to get that little thing. I knew if I even tried once I would feel committed to win it and I didn't have enough quarters or time for that! But if you think he is as cute as I do and you are good at the claw machines he is currently living at Shopko by the front doors. Gosh he would be so cute in someone's Easter basket for sure! Just going to toss this out there... if you win him and lets say don't want him I would gladly take him off your hands!

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