Some people like to take their tree down the day after Christmas. Probably more likely to do so if you have a real tree and that poor sucker has been dropping needles on your carpet for weeks.

But it you have a fake tree like me, maybe you like to leave it up a little longer. At least thru the New Year, right?  The glow of the lights is such a nice touch in the living room. Christmas has not come down at my house... yet. Maybe I'll replace the fake Christmas tree with a fake palm tree and light that baby up for ambiance. Kind of like the Corona tree in the tv commercials.

If you'd like to recycle your real (dying) tree you can drop them off at:

  • Hansers
  • Schnitzer Steel
  • Rocky Mountain Compost
  • Zoo Montana
  • Lockwood School
  • Magnum Development (Laurel)

Next time,


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