Where do you stand when it comes to seeing something that might not be able to be explained? I’m talking about aliens, ghosts, and all things supernatural. Are you a believer in spooky things waiting around the corner? Are you skeptical? Or are you an all-out nonbeliever? All I know is that if I’m ever visited by something that isn’t from our world it better be something cool like ALF!

If you feel like you’ve definitely experienced some sort of sighting or encounter before, you’re not alone as Montana ranks pretty high on the list for the chances of it happening. A report from GreatLakeStakes.com ranked the states by the likelihood of encountering a supernatural sighting.  They took the number of UFO sightings per state from the National UFO Reporting Center and the number of ghost sightings per state from Ghosts of America and compared the data to the population in each state.

Where does Montana rank?

California topped the list with the most UFO encounters and Texas was tops for spotting spirits. And those results might not be too surprising since they’re the two most populated states in the country. More people equals more reported sightings, right? But when you factor in the number of people per state and work out the percentages, neither place makes the top-10 list for states with the greatest chances of having a supernatural sighting. But look who does show up on the list. Despite being the 44th state in terms of population, Montana was #3 on the overall list of seeing the unknown. Of course, that means we have a small number of people but a high number of reported sightings. Oh, and if you’re wondering, Maine was #1 on the list and Louisiana was last.

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The next time you see something you can’t quite explain and think your eyes are deceiving you, just remember there are a lot of others in Montana that have had the same thing happen. You just never know what’s out there!

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