The official end to summer happened over the weekend, which means we can finally break out pumpkin spice everything... and you can start decorating for Halloween. But, with the summer travel rush coming to a close... what do gas prices look like in Montana... and across the US?

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Let's Dive In

In Montana for 2023, gas prices have been high for sure. According to AAA, one year ago we paid an average of $3.948 per gallon of regular in Montana. The highest EVER recorded price for regular unleaded gasoline in Montana was on June 19th, 2022 at $4.975 per gallon.

Right now, the current average per gallon is $4.192 for regular unleaded. Not bad, but still, not great.

Nationally, the average per gallon is $3.849... so we are paying nearly 30 cents per gallon more across our state, compared to the rest of the US.

California Bankrupt

However, if you happen to have family in California, it's amazing to me how they even can fuel their G-Wagons and Bentleys. AAA says the average price per gallon of regular unleaded in California TODAY is $5.828. Nearly $2 more per gallon than here in Montana... and they can keep it.

Funny enough, California ranks the HIGHEST per gallon of regular unleaded across the US today. Here are the top 10 most expensive in the US for a gallon of regular unleaded gas:

  1. California
    1. $5.828
  2. Nevada
    1. $5.105
  3. Washington
    1. $5.034
  4. Hawaii
    1. $4.864
  5. Oregon
    1. $4.672
  6. Arizona
    1. $4.649
  7. Alaska
    1. $4.606
  8. Utah
    1. $4.221
  9. Montana
    1. $4.135
  10. Idaho
    1. $4.135

Where's The Cheapest Gas?

Well, for today, that's in Mississippi. $3.268 per gallon. Close behind is Georgia, at $3.297 per gallon.

Where's The Cheapest Gas IN Billings?

According to, right now you'll find the cheapest gas at Costco for JUST $4.12 per gallon. Though, of course, that requires you to be a member. 2nd cheapest? Pretty much every other station in town, all clocking in at $4.19 per gallon.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you remember when gas was less than $3 per gallon? What have you done to combat the high prices? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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