We're not strangers to fog in Montana; it's extremely common and always causes issues for most anyone who is operating a vehicle. But, I've literally never seen fog from as high up as our offices before; even in the mountains, it hasn't appeared like this before in front of my eyes. Billings was essentially completely hidden.

How does fog form?

Nearly everyone knows what fog is, but how does it occur? Fog is, in essence, a cloud that you can see at ground level. I won't get into the specific science of it, but know that it has to be extremely humid in the air for any fog to form.

Today (03/03), most of southern Montana was affected by a thick fog; the fog in Billings lasted most of the morning. Normally, you can see the entire city of Billings from our studios in downtown Billings, but I literally couldn't see anything this morning at all from that height, a feeling I had never ever experienced before.

The fog has affected travel, as it always does.

As of 10 a.m. this morning, the Billings Logan International Airport had delayed four departing flights and canceled one. No indication was given for the reason, but it's no doubt because of the fog. Visibility on the ground is only about a half-mile, based on what I saw driving in today, so make sure your lights are on if you're driving in the fog.

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I'm easily intrigued by weather phenomena, so seeing the view from 22 stories up of the city covered in this thick fog was mesmerizing. Stay safe everyone.

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