A video shared on Instagram featuring a man fishing in Montana while on horseback has been receiving a lot of attention online lately.

Yellowstone via YouTube
Yellowstone via YouTube

The video was shared on the Bozeman Reddit page with the following caption;

Everything I hate about the idiots the show Yellowstone “inspires” in one shot.

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In case you didn't know, some Montanans aren't fans of the popular TV show, Yellowstone. Some feel that the show paints an inaccurate picture of what living in Montana is actually like. The show has also resulted in a lot of people moving to Montana from other states.

In a video recently shared on Instagram, a man can be seen casting a fly rod while mounted on a horse, and the comments were less than approving. If I stumbled upon somebody doing this in Montana, I don't think I'd be able to contain my laughter because it's ridiculous.


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The poor guy got absolutely roasted in the comments.

One person wrote;

This dude trying way too hard to look cool…just stand on the ground bozo.

Another person wrote;

The horse looks humiliated.

There's no denying that the guy on the horse looks like a clown, and people didn't hold back their criticisms. He just needs to 'giddy' out of here with that nonsense.

Some things just scream "I'm not from around here", and this video is a great example. He might think he looks cool, but nobody else does.

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