Kristin Cavallari recounted how a date ended with the man she was seeing getting handcuffed.

The reality TV star dished on the date-gone-wrong via her new podcast, Let's Be Honest.

During a recent trip to Los Angeles, the Laguna Beach alum agreed to meet an ex for coffee.

When she arrived at the coffee shop at 9AM and saw he wasn't there yet, she gave him a call to let him know she had arrived. He answered "all disheveled" and told her that his alarm didn't go off.

He walked in in 20 minutes later, apologizing and explaining he had been up all night drinking with friends.

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"So we ordered our coffee, and all of a sudden, a police officer walks in and comes up to us," Cavallari shared.

The officer asked them if they had driven to the coffee shop together; Cavallari informed him they had driven separately. All the while her date remained silent.

"So he pulls [redacted] out of the coffee shop. Next thing you know, the handcuffs go on," Cavallari revealed, adding the cop put her date into the back of his police car.

When she asked the police officer why, he told her that the man had allegedly been involved in a hit-and-run.

The next morning, Cavallari woke up with a voice note from the man on her phone, explaining he had just been released from jail.

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Even though he told her he had only hit a pole, she later found out he hit a tree and totaled his car the night before their date. While he couldn't recall if he received a DUI, he allegedly "blew over the limit."

"You're lucky to be alive," she screamed at him.

According to Cavallari, the man still wanted to go on a coffee date with her.

"'No, I'm never going to see you ever again, actually,'" she told him, adding: "The whole thing is so insane!"

The Hills alum was previously married to Jay Cutler. The exes split in 2020. They share three children: sons Camden, 11, and Jaxon, 9; and daughter Saylor, 7.

Following her split from the former NFL star, Cavallari was briefly linked to comedian Jeff Dye.

Watch the podcast episode here:

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