As the end of the year gets near (look, I rhyme!) maybe you are thinking about a career change. Or, maybe your company is making budget cuts and you're suddenly looking for something new - not by choice. Why do they always do right before the holidays? Because companies suck. That's just what they do.

Anyway... every time I drive past Schnitzer Steel down on 6th Ave North I always slow down a little to watch the lucky dude that gets to run "The Claw".  I'm sure that is not it's real name, but to me it is definitely The Claw. It's like a giant version of that stupid game you can never win to get the crappy stuffed toys.  I imagine this guy (or girl) must feel like they have the best job in the world. No bosses screaming at them, no phones to answer, just a man and his machine, clawing up a never ending pile of junk steel.

I suppose - like any job - the newness and fun wear off and after a few months running The Claw gets old. I'd just like to try it for like a week. Just for fun. Are you envious of other peoples jobs? Anything crazy you'd like to try? Maybe make that change in 2019 and do something different! You might just love it.

Next time,


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